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Pavona, Italy

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Abbiategrasso, Italy

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Toffia, Italy

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Abbiategrasso, Italy

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Milano, Italy

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35, male, Single

Shallotte, United States

Hi my name is Randy Clark Jr. I Love Italian girls.

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39, female, Single

Saint Marys, United States

I'm a good cook,I can prepare delicious meals like fried rice with Chicken,Can prepare beef burger, Can prepare pizza, Italian sea food, Can prepare

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45, male, Married

Puianello, Italy

Hello, I'm an Italian guy and I'd like to meet a girl from Helsinki for some fun together!

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42, female, Separated

Ternberg, Austria

About meAlthough what I basically do for a living is design software for people/companies, I'm a hopeless romantic and very unapologetic about it! A sizable portion of my salary is spent in buying ingredients since I love cooking, and buying paintings! I generally spend my weekends playing soccer with my friends, or watching soccer matches (with/without them), visiting art galleries and hunting for more paintings to buy, and trying new dishes. On weekends I volunteer at the local animal shelter.Qualities I PossessI'm a hopeless romantic, pretty nocturnal (sometimes it's work, mostly it's movies, music, and soccer matches), sporty, dependable (so I hear), very much the gentleman and old school when it comes to women (this I say so myself!), not easily ruffled, sensitive (I feel guilty if I kill a fly by mistake), and generally happy with life.Things I LoveArt, especially paintings. Umm, and paintings! I love to cook (I make a mean porchetta!), play and follow soccer, practical jokes, weekends, starry nights, Bellini, Simbari, Ib Eisner, When Harry Met Sally, Green Street Hooligans, and many more. But I think these are enough to give you a fair idea about my interests.You Are...Someone who is romantic, but also practical (so that we complement each other), who is generally happy and doesn't get worked up too easily, who loves eating (specially Italian food, for obvious reasons!), is optimistic, and enjoys the fine things in life (music, food, and art being the main ones). Also, you have a sense of humor and love practical jokes!

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29, female, Single

Chicago, United States

Just moved to South FL from New York. I have lots of friends in NYPD, Nassau, and Suffolk. Born and raised in Astoria Queens to a loving and traditional Italian family. Moved out to Long Island early on, and came down here to study Finance at FAU. I love to cook, travel, and relax on the beach or with a glass of wine when I'm not studying like a fiend.

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Milano, Italy

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