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28, female, Single

Solihull, United Kingdom

I'm.not going to lie I dating thing but I'd love to find someone who gets me. I Have health anxiety and depression however I'm still very active and love going out I've learnt it's important to me. I'm a student nice kind and caring and I'd love to meet someone who gets its when I just say it's one of those days or weeks and they are understanding of that.

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33, female, Single

Princeton, United States

I am independent and self reliant. I don't mind being alone but don't want to be lonely. I appreciate the companionship of a good man and the completeness that we can bring to each others lives. I enjoy intimacy and miss it terribly. I would like to find someone I can give my heart to. I am not into the singles social scene. A long term relationship is my ultimate goal. However, I am not going to rush into anything. FRIENDSHIP FIRST IS A MUST! Looks are only the beginning. I am more interested in whats on the inside. I do not expect perfection, just someone with a good kind heart, integrity, intelligence, etc..

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54, female, Separated

North Salt Lake, United States

I am singles and honest person and i am ready for love for the rest of my life

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30, female, Single

Luano-Lala Native Reserve Number V, Togo

I'm Rose Edward Kona,fair in complexion and clear mind. I'm a student and hope my reason of coming or joing this Jakarta singles are to make friends, best friends.

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48, male, Divorced

Hagerstown, United States

What I’m Doing With My LifeLiving for the moment/I work in _______ and I’m very passionate about it/I’m taking one day at a time/I go to the gym daily/Working in ________ but considering going back to school for my Master’s/PhDI’m Really Good AtMaking people laugh/Cooking/Making the best of a situationThe First Thing People Usually Notice About MeI guess you’d have to ask other people :P But seriously, my eyes/height/smile, probably.Favorite books, movies, shows, music, foodCatcher in the Rye. A Clockwork Orange. I don’t own a TV. Death From Above 1979. Vietnamese.Books – I haven’t read a book in years, LOL, too busy. Movies – Fight Club; The Hangover; Wedding Singer; Old School; Anchorman; Starksy and Hutch; Happy Gilmore; Stepbrothers; Big Daddy; Semi-pro; Wedding Crashers; Boondocks Saints; Big Lebowski. Shows – Family Guy; American Idol; Cash Cab; Wheel of Fortune. Music – Blink 182; Staind; Taking Back Sunday; The Frey; Mighty Mighty Bosstones; The Ataris; MXPX; Puddle of Mudd; Everclear; Beach Boys; Nickleback; Limp Bizkit; Busta Rhymez; Tone Loc; The Beatles; Jay Z; Kanye West; Snow Patrol. Food – Beer is my food, LOL.Lots of stuff. Message me and find out.The six things I could never live withoutA. I can live without pretty much everythingB. 1. Water2. Air3. Food4. Shelter5. Freedom6. LoveC. My iPhone; my friends; girls with bangs; a sketchpad; a MetroCard; my dog RufusI spend a lot of time thinking aboutThe futureOn a typical Friday night I amIt depends/I’m usually at home watching a movie/at a bar with friends/at home watching a movie or at a bar with friends, typically.The most private thing I’m willing to admit…that I’m on a dating site? LOLYou should message me ifYou want tohello....good day just checked throuhg your profile and get intrested in you, and would really like to know about you more.would like if you reply my message here or you talk to me on my mail

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